Choosing the right truss sections to set up your space can be like a geometry class. There’s a formula, but we’re not all naturals at it. Truss sections come in any shape you can imagine, and it takes a lot of measuring and strategy to make sure that all of your pieces fit together.

How to Choose Truss Sections carries Global Truss sections, which are made of a unique magnesium/aluminum blend that allow them to be super stable without being heavy. We carry truss sections that are straight, square, arching pieces, 90-degree or corner junctions sections, and even circles.

There are various truss calculators online that help you plug in your measurements and use a mathematical formula to recommend the length and shapes of truss sections that will work best with your space.

Whether you are an experienced truss builder who is looking to add a couple of sections to your existing collection in order to set up a new space, or a beginner looking to start a setup from scratch, we can help. Whatever shape you need or want to create, we have the truss sections that will make your vision a reality.

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