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So you’re either setting up your very first venue, or you’re getting ready to add new speakers to yours. Then again, maybe you’re looking for something that would be perfect for traveling. Who knows? Taking your show on the road is something that nearly every musician dreams of doing, but let’s be honest, none of it is going to pan out well if you don’t have the sound system to back it up.

When you need sound for your venue, you want to find the best, and when you want the best, you look into Yorkville speakers. As a company running in both the United States and Canada, Yorkville has a wide influence and the ability to deliver a quality product to any venue. The company itself is based in Toronto and employs about 220 people who work to produce a full line of professional PA products, some of which include:


  • * Mixers
  • * Amplifiers
  • * Loudspeaker Cabinets
  • * Lighting


Yorkville Speakers Provide a Higher Level of Quality

Yorkville Sound designs its very own brands but also works as a very active resaler. The company acts as a distributor for brands like Line 6, Mapex, Dean Markley Strings, and many more. If you’re looking to expand your collection of high quality sound equipment, then you need look no further than Yorkville.

Ready to commit and get the best sound for your venue? Make sure you take a look at our wide collection whether you’re in the market for powered Yorkville elite speakers or a passive subwoofer; we have what you need, you can take our work for that.


Yorkville offers a number of other great products, including tripods and other accessories that will support your speakers as you bring your customers or listeners the best show they’ve ever experienced. There are tons of other great brands on the market, but when it comes to experience and quality, Yorkville really does have the market covered.

If you’re not entirely sure what you need to buy, make sure you take a look at the packages we offer that contain the full range of speakers that you need along with tripods and cables – it’s the entire show in a single package, and it’s chock full of quality that you can count on. Remember, we offer an entire range of Yorkville products whether you’re in the market for a speaker, a subwoofer, or something different entirely.

Currently Yorkville Sound manufactures a full line of professional PA products including mixers, amplifiers, active and passive loudspeaker cabinets and lighting in Canada, at the Pickering facility. Yorkville Sound also designs and manufactures a complete line of Canadian made tube and solid state instrument amplifiers under the Traynor brand for Canada, the US and export markets.

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