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BBE MS 92 Mini Sonic Stomp Maximizer Guitar Effects Pedal – Open Box.

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The Legendary BBE Mini Sonic Stomp MS-92 When players around the world asked for a more compact version of the legendary Sonic Stomp, BBE listened. The only stomp pedal which improves the performance of any guitar or bass rig. From Country to Jazz, from Blues to Metal, the mini Sonic Stomp is the ONLY pedal around that can unlock your killer tone. Whether you’re a guitarist or bassist, get ready to be amazed. With mini Sonic Stomp’s proprietary BBE Sonic Maximizer technology, you’ll hear your amp cut through the band mix better with dramatically improved note definition in chords and solos. Whether your tone is melodic and clean or a wall of distortion, the Sonic Stomp brings out the distinct harmonic elements of each note. If you need more low-end punch, you’ll discover the Lo Contour control is the ticket to get thick low end without the mud. The all-new, analog Mini Sonic Stomp features the same high quality components and features as the standard sized Sonic Stomp, but uses an compact, lightweight chassis (1.5” w x 3.5” l) that easily fits on to your already crowded pedalboard. It’s like lifting a blanket off your amp to reveal the full potential of your gear and your musical expression. When you’re ready to get the most out of your tone, get your hands on a Mini Sonic Stomp. This is a brand NEW item from BBE: MS-92 Mini Sonic Stomp!!! Similar to the popular SS 92 Sonic Stomp Pedal, but comes in a Mini size. Measures just 1.25″ x 3.5″ x 1.25″ and weighs just 5 oz. Works on 9V DC power supply Note: Power Supply not included.

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