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Fostex T50RP MKIII Studio Reference Headphones w/ Dekoni Audio Platinum Earpads

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This package from Digital DJ Gear includes:

1x Fostex T50RP MK3 Headphones

Styled in a semi-open design, the RPmk3 Series T50RPmk3 from Fostex comprises a pair of stereo headphones. Their copper-foil etched polyimide film drivers utilize proprietary Regular Phase (RP) technology in order to ensure an accurate reproduction of sonic material, thereby rendering these semi-open headphones suitable for monitoring in studio situations. To ensure a full representation of the sonic spectrum, these headphones have a frequency response of 15 Hz to 35 kHz.

The RPmk3 series is an evolution of the RPmk2, and as such, features redesigned housing, head-pad, and ear-pads to further both comfort and maximum performance of the RP driver. These headphones are designed to highlight a flat and clear sound, and sport a detachable cable, which can be replaced if lost or broken.

1x Dekoni Audio Platinum Memory Foam Ear Pads

Dekoni Audio has created a pad for the Fostex T50RP Headphone. The T50RP is a popular model to modify and by bringing this pad to market Dekoni is creating perhaps the easiest and most effective mod you can have for this venerable headphone. This new Protein leather pad fits both the T50RP mkii and the new MKIII model as well as the T20 and T40 RP headphones. Dekoni Audio’s Platinum Line is the best in comfort. Combined with the YM80 slow rebound memory foam this is the pad to get if you want the ultimate in quality both of sound and of product.

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