A Quick Buyer’s Guide for DJ Lighting

If you’re a self-employed DJ who is regularly booked for parties and corporate events, then you probably know the pain of arriving at a venue where the available equipment is less than ideal. When it comes to mixers, CD decks, or turntables, you may be prepared for every gig, but do you have your own stage effects to add to the atmosphere? If you’re without DJ lighting, then you’re probably not putting on the best show that you could. At Digital DJ Gear, we provide some of the best and most affordable solutions for working DJs, and if you’re not sure where to get started, then this quick guide will surely help you out.

Make Sure That You Choose Lighting That Will Enhance the Music

No matter what kind of set you regularly play, lighting will be able to create a better atmosphere for your audience. With that in mind, it’s important to choose the right kind of lighting for the music that you typically play. If you’re a DJ mostly involved with electronic music, then strobe lights and lasers might need to be in your inventory. If you play a lot of corporate events where the music is mostly mainstream, then you would probably want to use more traditional colored lights.

The most important thing for you to do is to choose the lights that will suit you the most, but also choose DJ lighting that is versatile. There will be times when you will need to accept contracts that are slightly outside of your comfort zone, but if you’re prepared with all of the right equipment that enhances the music, then you’ll always be able to perform a great job and continue to develop your reputation.

Start Small When You Are Investing in a Portable Setup

Chauvet DJ Gig Bar 2Full size stage lights can be expensive, they take up a significant amount of space, they’re heavy, and they need specialist truss systems to be mounted properly. When you need to buy DJ lighting that is portable, make sure you start with small items that have been designed for solo performers.

We supply a range of lights for productions at all levels, including smaller lighting arrays for solo musicians and DJs. If you’re looking for a great package to start with, then you could consider the Chauvet DJ 4 Bar package. This includes everything that you need for a basic portable lighting setup, including a professional LED light array, mounting hardware, and a tripod stand so that you can get set up anywhere that your next job takes you.

Don’t Forget About Your Effects

Standard lights are absolutely necessary for any DJ, but you should also consider adding some extra effects to your lighting setup, which will help you to create more impressive shows with improved overall atmosphere.

  • A cannon wash is becoming one of the essential DJ lighting effects, and there are great high powered and affordable options from companies like American DJ.
  • You could use an LED backdrop behind your DJ booth, or even behind a main stage, to create impressive and customizable lighting effects. Chauvet produces a high quality LED backdrop which can be operated alone with an included controller, or it can be connected to a DMX for integration with a larger lighting system.
  • You can use other effects such as smoke machines, color blasters, and moonflowers for highly impressive shows at almost any event.

If in Doubt, Go for an All-In-One Multi-Light Package

DJ LightingWant to have DJ lighting effects and a standard light show from a single package? Purchasing a kit like the Chauvet DJ Gig Bar 2 will allow you to get great effects and standard lighting from a single stand. It’s similar in design to other Chauvet packages, with the difference being that you could set up one or two of these at small to mid-sized venue, and you wouldn’t have to worry about other adding any additional effects to put on a professional DJ and lighting show. The Gig Bar even comes with a footswitch controller, so you can change your lighting show on the fly, even as you are working the mixer and your decks.

Purchase with Confidence from Digital DJ Gear

You’re the one who will have the best idea of your DJ lighting needs, and now that you know some more about what’s available, you’ll be able to make an informed decision for your next purchase. You can get the best quality equipment from Digital DJ Gear, so start browsing today, and become one of the countless DJs who have upped their stage game with our extensive range of products.



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