Should a Belt Driven Turntable be Part of your DJ Equipment?

When it comes to DJing and which method of playback is best, it is really a personal decision. The way music sounds varies from person to person, so when trying to decide between computer-generated technics, direct drive turntables or belt drive turntables, it is best to try them all and choose the one that sounds best to you and fits your budget. Whether you are just starting out, or you are looking to buy DJ equipment to replace or update your old stuff, keep in mind that not all sound equipment is created equal. If you’ve been thinking a belt drive turntable is something you would like to try, keep reading to find out why it may or may not be the ideal choice for you.

First of all, let’s take a look at the three different types of playback DJs might use.

DJ Equipment

Computer Technics, Direct Drive Turntables and Belt Drive Turntables

Computer technics are self-explanatory. DJs use a computer, usually a laptop, to control music playback. While it is the most common type of playback used today because it is easy and fast, it doesn’t always produce the best sound quality. One of the biggest pros to using computers to play music is they provide a consistent speed at which the music is played. There is no variation in BPM so the music always sounds the same.

With a direct drive turntable, the motor that turns the platter is directly underneath the platter. While this provides a fairly consistent speed, it also allows vibration and motor noise to interfere with sound quality. If a DJ uses a turntable, it is most likely going to be of this type because the motor placement allows him to manipulate the platter by hand, stopping and even reversing the platter for ‘scratching.’ Another reason this type of turntable is popular is because it is often a cheaper option than its belt drive counterpart.

On a belt drive turntable, the motor is offset from the platter. The motor is connected to the platter with a belt loop that acts as a shock absorber. This helps prevent vibration and noise from the motor from reaching the platter. Sound quality is typically much better on a belt drive machine than a direct drive one.

Unfortunately, belt drive turntables are often more expensive, and they have the wear and tear factor with the belt loop needing replaced periodically. For someone just starting out in the DJ realm, it might not make sense to purchase a belt drive model right away. However, it is something to think about in the not-too-distant future for several reason.

Reasons to consider DJ Equipment Packages for Belt Drive Turntables

Audiophiles the world over have argued about which turntable is best for DJing without ever really coming to any one conclusion. DJ equipment packages for belt drive turntables may not be for everyone, but for some, it is the only way to go. Here’s why.

Spinning Vinyl shows a Dedication to the Art

Show up at an event carrying a couple of crates of vinyl records and a mono stick, and watch how everyone treats you with respect. Spinning vinyl isn’t just a job, it’s a passion.

It shows your Respect for the DJs that came before you

There’s nothing quite like hearing stories told by old-timer DJ who mastered their craft on a turntable. There is a certain amount of respect for these guys and gals who used their ears and their hearts to make beautiful music for the masses. When you choose to follow in their footsteps, you show an unspoken respect that’s rightly deserved.

Using a Turntable forces you to focus on your Music

Anyone can download a rockin’ playlist to their computer and DJ like a pro in a crowded nightclub. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do that. However, it does take talent and a true understanding of what people want to hear to find and play the best, most unique collection that paying customers beg to hear. The trick to being a great DJ is having a collection that includes some of the most unique and unheard sounds around. When you use a turntable, it opens up opportunities to have music that only gets released on vinyl. You’ll spend a lot of time searching record shops, garage sales and Goodwill stores in search of that awesome collection. You can even buy your records online if you want. Making a rockin’ collection this way forces you to really listen to the sounds and focus on what appeals to you most.

Lastly, you’ll learn how to scratch

It’s been said that scratching is easier on a direct drive turntable, but it is possible on a belt drive turntable as well. You can even ‘scratch’ on a computer, but the sound just isn’t the same as coming from true vinyl.

You might say you aren’t going to scratch, but we bet you at least try a little bit.

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