Studio Recording Equipment Checklist – Do you Have these Three Essential Items?

Studio Recording EquipmentSo you’re thinking of starting your very own home recording studio – great! There are lots of things to learn and lots of experiences to be had, but before you can really get started, there are a few pieces of equipment that you will absolutely need. Let’s face it, for the raw beginner it can be a bit of a challenge, but with the right sound recording equipment for sale there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to start an outstanding studio, and one that will turn out some incredible sounds. Let’s get started.

The Computer – A Necessary Piece of Equipment for Any Studio

In today’s digital world, a computer is going to be necessary for your studio recording. It serves many different purposes, whether you’re using it as a mixer, music, or simply recording. The one, most important piece of advice we can give you, no matter what you are using it for, is to make sure that you buy a decent computer, laptop or desktop. There are many computers available on the market, and you don’t want to choose a cheap one just to save a few bucks. It matters, trust us. If you choose a computer on the cheaper end you’re going to hit the ceiling on processing power as well as sound, and it will most likely be a bit slow. A computer can make or break your recording experience – don’t let it go the wrong way.

As expected, you can use either PC or Mac as there is software available for both, but the choice is ultimately up to you.

Make it Sound Clear with an Audio Interface

When you buy sound recording equipment, you need to make sure you include an audio interface in your purchase. The audio interface is a piece of hardware that you will use to connect the computer to the rest of the gear. Keep in mind that you can choose to purchase an audio interface packaged with the software used to mix, edit, and record the music, but as with the computer, it’s up to you.

When you are making this purchase however, it is strongly recommended that you look into a pair of studio monitors, which are specially designed speakers for audio production. Recording studios use these frequently to determine what a recording will sound like when played through standard speakers. Remember, while studio speakers are great, not everyone can afford the highest end hardware or equipment. You want to make sure you’re giving your listeners the experience that they both want and deserve.

Speak Up! – Make your Input Known with a Good Microphone

Studio Recording EquipmentThe last item that we are going to cover in terms of studio recording equipment is the microphone. All of the items in the studio are essential, much like the parts of a human body, but let’s face it, without the microphone, you’re going to be completely lost. How would you even record without it? There are several different types of microphones on the market, though when you are first starting out, many will recommend that you choose a cheaper one to help you get your feet wet. Before you buy one, however, do make sure you take a look at the different types from dynamic, to condensers, ribbon microphones, and even bullet microphones designed specifically for harmonicas. Also remember that USB powered microphones are gaining in popularity as they are able to interface better with computers and other modern, digital equipment that home recording artists tend to favor.

These three buy home recording studio equipment items that we have mentioned are very important, as you no doubt realize, and it is important that you review the different types before you make your final decision. Many beginners make the mistake of simply purchasing the first equipment that they happen to see, and that can lead to disaster. Then again, it could turn out just fine. Is that really a gamble you want to take? With Digital DJ Gear, you don’t have to take that gamble at all. You can easily look through our extensive stock, read the product descriptions, and build a home recording studio designed around your needs. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a raw beginner, we have what you need at a price that you can actually afford.


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