The Basics of Bringing Lighting to your Venue

When it’s time to party, you want to do it properly. You need to get out there and show your guests that you want to show them a good time. The best party hosts, though, know that it takes more than some good tunes and a dance floor to get everybody dancing. Here’s everything you need to know about DJ lighting effects and why you need to be using them in your celebrations.

You Need More Than a Good DJ to Put on a Great Show

A good DJ can go a long way towards making your party pop. They can read the mood of the room, play the tunes that the crowd seems to love, and take requests to ensure that everyone hears what they want to hear.

A DJ on their own though isn’t enough. The DJ needs the right finishing touches to really finish off the feel of the event. Imagine a DJ playing in a room with no lights or decorations. It’s odd, isn’t it? People attending events now expect the full package when it comes to the dance floor. That’s why you need something to take it to the next level.

Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Venue

DJ lightingSo, what is it that you need to really get the party started? The answer is good DJ stage effects. Gone are the days when a rotating light ball was enough to light up the dance floor. Nowadays there are all kinds of lighting effects you can buy, that help set the scene and tone of the party.

If you’ve never shopped for lighting before, you’d be amazed at what’s out there for you. Modern lights can be programmed to flash with the music, really integrating the effects with the songs, and creating a more integrated experience. It’s something you have to try at least once.

Lighting Equipment You Can Use At Your Next Celebration

Not sure where to start with lighting effects? Here’s some ideas, so you’ll know what you’re looking for once you start shopping:

  • Strobe lights: These lights are becoming more common, and so are becoming cheaper. They’re a simple effect, but they look great on a dance floor and are a good place to start if you’ve never bought lighting effects before.


  • Beam effect lights: These lights are made up of multiple colored lenses that rotate across a light, projecting different colors onto the dance floor. Again, it’s a simple effect, but if you combine it with a smoke machine you’ll love how it looks.


  • Moonflower lights: These lights hark back to the golden age of disco, as they are reminiscent of the old school disco ball that many people love. However, these lights bounce and refract all colors of light around the dance floor, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere.


  • GOBO projectors: You have already seen these lights in effect at weddings or other events. These light project any image you want into the walls, or the dance floor. A stencil is placed in front of the light in order to create the image. You can have any image you like, from writing that says something like ‘Happy Birthday!’ to images that evoke the mood of the event. You can really go wild with these lights.

Other Equipment You’ll Need

Of course, the lights on their own won’t do anything. You’ll need the equipment to go with it and really set your party off.

  • DJ stage effectsFog machine: As mentioned above, these, when combined with lights, can create a real ‘club’ feel and encourage your guests to get up and dance.


  • Cables: You’re going to need the cables to hook all your lights up. When ordering your lights, don’t forget these.


  • Control panels: If you’re looking to create more complicated lighting shows, then you’re going to need a control panel to arrange it all from. A DMX mixer is the best thing to buy, to get your lighting looking perfect.


If it’s time to buy DJ lighting, then come talk to us at Digital DJ Gear. We have the most comprehensive stock of DJ lighting effects around.



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