Three Features Your DJ Mixer Needs to Have

If you are looking for a DJ mixer that offers you all of the right modern features, as well as versatility to perform in the way that you want, then you’re going to have to take some time to research what is available. Unlike mixers of the past, modern systems are predominantly based on virtual DJ controllers. Instead of using vinyl decks and a standalone mixer, you’ll get everything in a single deck, interfacing with your computer and offering you more creative options than ever before.

If you want to know what you should be looking for with the newer digital mixers, then these three features would be a great starting point.

Compatibility with a Quality Software Product

Digital Dj Controllers rely heavily on software for their value and capabilities. If you’re going to be using your unit professionally, then you’ll want one that is compatible with industry standard software, with Serato DJ being one of the top choices. Some mixers are software specific whereas others will work with a range of different software products.

Native Instruments Traktor is another software platform that offers excellent mixing tools for the modern DJ. While Traktor does have a higher learning curve than Serato, it offers more powerful mapping features, which makes it more adaptable for experienced professionals.

When you choose well-known brands like Pioneer and Hercules, you can guarantee that you’ll get excellent compatibility between software and your DJ mixer controller.

Standalone Mixer, Or Integrated Decks?

Hercules DJ Control Wave M3If you want a single unit that provides all of your needs as a DJ, then you’re going to need to go for a DJ controller, rather than just a straight DJ mixer. Technically, a mixer is a piece of hardware that controls volume, EQ, cross fade, channel balance, and other related variables.

With a DJ controller, you get everything that you would on a mixer, with the addition of two virtual decks that can be used to manipulate tracks, just like you would with vinyl records. In fact, scratch pad decks are even more versatile than vinyl, and you’ll have total control over all of your high-quality MP3 files.

If you want to make sure that you’re getting the best-integrated decks with scratch pads, then make sure that you are choosing a reputable manufacturer.

At Digital DJ Gear, we only stock equipment that we trust, which makes the selection job much easier for you. Even in the entry level, we have versatile and high-quality products. One recommendation is the Hercules DJ Control Wave M3. It features a digital mixer as well as scratch pads and all of the cue and sound manipulation controls that you would need. Prices go up as you gain more advanced features, so don’t forget to check out our full DJ Controllers category page to see what’s available.

A Digital Mixer with Performance Pads

DJ MixerSo you know that you need software compatibility and scratch pads when you’re buying a quality mixer/controller, but there’s one more thing that you will need if you want to get the most versatility for your money.

The last feature; is performance pad support. Modern controllers come with rubber pads built right into the deck so that you can trigger individual sounds, use them as transport controls, freestyle a beat, or you can use them to trigger almost any setting or sound variation that your software will support.

Roland, Pioneer, Hercules, and Numark are all examples of companies that sell digital mixer DJ controllers with performance pads.

Browse Our Range of Professional DJ Mixers Today

At Digital DJ Gear, we have you covered from the entry level, right up to high-end digital mixers. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned professional, you’ll be able to get the equipment that you need, at a price that beats the competition.

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