Live Music – The Time to Break out the DJ Mixer

DJ MixerLive music is always changing no matter what the venue and no matter how you prepare. There will always be nuances that you have to compensate for and the best way to do so is with a DJ mixer. So now your question, obviously, is what is a DJ mixer and how exactly does it work? DJ mixing is the process of blending sound sources together at a live event; a task normally performed by an audio engineer via a high end mixing console. There are a few different sounds that need to be mixed with a DJ mixer board which include:

  • Instruments
  • Voices
  • Pre-Recorded Material

These sources are equalized with the bass and treble response adjusted and then amplified using the speaker system of your choice. Mechanically this is all very simple, but the execution requires someone of experience and knowledge.

DJ Mixers for the Experienced Individual

If you are working on a show as an audio engineer or even an aspiring DJ you must have a good bit of knowledge in order to create a great mix. You need to know how to mix various instruments, amplifiers, and you need to understand mic placement. These are just a few of the things that you need to know before you jump straight into the use of a DJ mixer, and at this point you’re probably wondering what sort of equipment options you have. Yes, there are quite a few on the market and we’re going to discuss a few of them for you here today.


Right out of our store, the Xone: DB4 is a highly innovative piece of equipment, highly advanced, and descending from the incredible iLive pro-touring FX system. This system has been perfectly designed for live music with loops and FX automatically synchronized to track temp. These features make mixing a breeze, and low fidelity eliminates many of the issues you would run into when using virtual software Sometimes, going physical is the key.

As if that weren’t enough, the input matrix permits you to select any source on any channel you choose, applying different processing on the same track. Fade between them and even add a phrase sampled looper later in the track if you wish.

Pioneer DJMS9

 DJ mixer for live soundhas been a long standing name and staple in the music industry, delivering products that not only stand the test of time, but add value to all of your live shows. The DJMS9 features the signature Magvel Fader Pro magnetic crossfader that permits you to easily change the operational load and even modify the reverse settings to your own personal preference. The rebound level can also be changed to your own desires thanks to the shock-absorbing bumpers.

  • Performance PadsLive mixing has never been easier; 16 touch pads give you access to functions like Roll, Loop, Hot Cue, Sice, and several others. The accuracy cannot be denied, and using companion software (Serato DJ) you will be able to map your own functions to the pads, giving yourself full control over the performance.
  • FX Buttons You’re looking for full control and you want to provide an amazing experience to your listeners. These FX buttons can be mapped with companion software, allowing you to set them however you wish.
  • Style LeversThe unit features two style levers that can be used to exit arrangements and perform many other functions.
  • USB Sound CardsInterface many different devices with the mixer, whether you want to use your laptop, CJD, or turntable. DVS support makes it all possible!

When it comes to finding a good DJ mixer for live sound and recording you’re going to need something physical rather than one of the virtual options. There are tons of different virtual mixers available, but live sound requires a more personal touch and we’re sure you’re going to agree. If you’re ready to take the leap and choose a high end sound mixer for your next show then you can be rest assured that you’ve come to the right place, and that we have just what you need. Browse our selection and get ready to be amazed not only by our state of the art equipment for your live show, but also the outstanding prices that our store commands.


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