The Top 4 DJ Controllers on Today’s Market and How to Choose One

So you’re here looking for a DJ mixer and we’re going to be perfectly honest: if you’re here reading this then you already know what it does, so we’re not going to bore you with an explanation. Instead, we’re going to talk a bit about what you should be looking for. If you want smooth transitions between songs and FX control, then you need the best, and that’s not always easy to get your hands on. For that reason you’re going to want to find the best sound recording equipment for sale, and you want to find something that you can love.

Choose the Right Features

DJ controllerWe can’t say it enough: Make sure you choose the right features! There are some that have a wide range of features for mixing: inputs, outputs, additional MIDI connectivity, and there are some that have built-in hard drives. There are some that only mix, and then there are some that have all the bells and whistles, like EQ, Filters, and effects. In the end, it’s really going to depend on what you’re looking for and what kind of show you need it for.

DJ controllers today are often paired up with your computer using either MIDI or USB cable, and mixing software is becoming pretty normal. Sure, it’s easier to use and sometimes it’s a little less expensive, but having a traditional DJ mixer is a feeling that you can’t replicate with software. There is something about having the buttons and knobs at your fingers that makes it all totally worthwhile.

Choosing your Mixer

Choosing a DJ Mixer can be pretty difficult, but there are four major factors for you to consider:


How much can you afford to spend? DJ Mixers can get a little bit pricey, but let’s be honest, you’re going to be using it for every show, perhaps even every night. Do you want to buy something cheap that’s going to last for a year, or do you want to go for something that will last for 5+ years? Naturally it depends on how much you’re going to be using the device, but you must think ahead as much as possible – within your budget of course.

The Type

When you’re looking for a mixer you need to ask yourself this very important question: do you want ONLY a mixer, or are you looking for something a bit more? We stated earlier that many mixers today come with USB connectivity as well as DJ controller features. When you’re shopping, make sure you choose something that has what you need, which may not always be synonymous with the price range that you are looking for.

Other Features

There are plenty of other features that you might look into, for example headphone inputs, crossfaders, and even low/high pass filters. Make sure you look at each and every one of the features that are available on the DJ mixer you want to buy, and determine whether or not you actually need that feature.

Number of Channels

For most DJ’s, the recommended number of channels is 2, so that you can control two sound sources. Some mixers, however, can support more channels so you can have CDJ devices, Turntables, and a computer all sending music along with microphones. This will obviously be more expensive, and you may not need to go that far. Look closely at your needs and determine whether or not you actually need those additional channels. Remember, it all depends heavily on the level you’re at and what you need it for.

Time to Choose a Mixer

DJ ControllersSo here we are: the moment of truth: the time to choose a mixer. We’ve collected five of our favorites:

  1. Pioneer DJ DJMS-9

Features:  2-Channel DJ Battle Mixer


  1. Mixars DUO

Features:  2-channel DJ mixer with RGB Pads and USB Hub Capabilities


  1. Mixars CUT

Features: Channel no Frills DJ Mixer


  1. Allen & Heath XONE:DB-2

Features:  4 Channel w/ EQ/EFX Loop


These are four of our favorites and you’ll probably notice that some of them have more features than others. Take a look at them in our store and see if any of them fit your needs and your budget. You’ll be making the best sounds soon enough!


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