The Top Four DJ Mixers on the Market

DJ mixers are the center of any DJ setup. When looking for DJ equipment for sale, having a good mixer can make or break a setup. At it’s core a good DJ mixer takes the audio from the turntables and combines them. By doing this it smooths the transition between songs. This in turn allows the DJ to control the mixer using FX and other external functions. The fader control is the mixing of two more tables together.

Finding the best mixer to go with your setup can be difficult. Mixers have a variety of features including more outputs, inputs, extra knobs for controlling the FX level, or even an additional MIDI connection. If you’re on the market for the best DJ mixer money can buy. Here are some of the best ones on the market to date.

DJ mixer


1) Behringer DDM4000 is One of the Most Affordable DJ Mixers

Behringer is considered a beast mode mixer. The brand has a good reputation for always being a stable product and being budget friendly. The Behringer mixer is usually best for getting away from the beginner mixers and into more professional territory. The DDM400 features 4 stereo channels, 32 bit sampler built in loop, 4 multi-FX section, works with a variety of DJ software through MIDI, 2 Dual BPM counters, and two mic inputs.

The Behringer mixer has been around for nearly a decade, and it’s built for durability as well. It’s an investment that will last a DJ for years to come as long as it’s handled with care. It’s one of the best, and affordable mixers on the market if you’re a DJ looking to move up from the beginner’s level.

2) Stanton M.203 is Reliable

This DJ mixer is usually on sale for about $100 or less depending on where you purchase it. It has a solid build while still remaining affordable. It features 1 switchable phono/line, two stereo channels, 1 line RCA for each channel, adjustable crossfader curve, mic input, headphone output, RCA master record & record output, tune control, and cue pan fader.

The M.203 is considered one of the best entry level mixers on the market. Many beginners have used it with successful results, but DJ’s who make a living through their work use it as well. For the solid build of the mixer and it’s simplicity. It always delivers no matter what. It does not have digital ins or outs like other up to date mixers, but it makes up for it in power.

3) Numark M6 USB is one of the Best Mixers

Numark is one of the more famous brands when it comes to DJ equipment. Similar to the Stanton for being affordable. Numark is a favorite in the industry for it’s XLR mic channel, four input channels, multiple inputs for mic/line/phono, US connectivity, works with OS systems, and the crossfader is replaceable. The LED metering is perfect if you like a visual for your levels, and is excellent for DJ’s who play live. The M6 USB has a reputation for having a stable build and being a high quality mixer.

Some DJ’s prefer to use a digital rig versus the traditional DJ setup. The Numark has USB connectivity, but it’s still compatible for the standard analog setup for DJ’s who like to keep it traditional.

4) Allen & Heath Xone:22 is Considered One of the Best DJ Mixers

Allen & Heath are considered to be the cream of the crop on the DJ mixer market. This mixer has a high reputation for being one the best pieces of music equipment to own. The Allen & Heath brand have always produced high quality music equipment worldwide, and this mixer is no exception. Some of it’s main features are an external power supply, 2 stereo channels, 3-band EQ, external FX loop, low and high pass filters, dedicated local monitor, signal monitoring, mic input, and crossfader curve switch.

While this DJ mixer is on the lower price end for the Allen & Heath brand. It doesn’t suffer from lack of high quality or power either. The Xone:22 is perfect for beginners or a DJ just starting out to go pro. One of its best key features is perhaps its low and high pass filters. This can give you some amazing sound effects if your channel needs a bit more flair. Not only that, but the Xone:22 mixer is very budget friendly. It has many of the essential features a DJ needs to start out, is very powerful, and comes from one of the best brand names on the market.

Each of these DJ mixers offer a wide variety of features. Quite a few of them are recommended for beginner DJ’s to use when their first starting out. Their features can range from simple to complex. Each DJ mixer on this list comes from different brands, but are reliable. They’re affordable mixers that are budget friendly and won’t put a big dent in your wallet. Some of them are considered more for professional and pro use versus the beginner level. However, some mixers like the Stanton M.203 are used by DJ’s who make it a living to DJ.

Picking out the best mixer for you and your setup falls down to what you need from it. Along with price, features, and how you’re planning to make your DJ setup work. Either way, you can’t go wrong with any of these mixers.

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