Trusses for the DJ on the Go

Global Truss Lighting trusses – Stage and Aluminum for Sale

aluminum and steel trussesDigital DJ Gear features Global truss systems that can truly take your shows to new levels. With years of extensive industry experience, we feature a full range of global truss base plates and global truss clamps. These innovative and cutting-edge trusses are designed to hoist light screens for optical and mesmerizing effects. Similarly, they can host other equipment as well – including lighting stands, digital electronics and so much more. Whether for weekly gigs or mobile services, we truly offer everything for the DJ on the go.

If looking to take your DJ shows and productions to new heights, global truss equipment seamlessly blends in with any theme or design. In fact, these systems can easily be used at all popular venues, including but not limited to:

  • * Churches
  • * Live Stages
  • * Mobile
  • * Night Clubs
  • * Theaters

The Best in Global Trussing

From the Global truss St-132 to the Global truss F34, we truly feature the best in global trussing systems and equipment. These structures essentially resemble bridges designed to hoist – and hold –all types of cool lighting systems and accessories. They are supported by long and durable tripods at the ends, which can easily be adjusted and modified for height. Similarly, trusses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and even colors.

With over 10 years of experience under our belt, Global Truss offers the following products for optimal convenience:

  • * Global Truss ST – 180
  • * Global Truss ST – 157
  • * Lighting Stands and Sleeve Blocks
  • * Winches and many more high-end DJ lighting and equipment products.

Make a Great and Lasting Impression

From spectacular neon lights to traditional disco balls, trusses help illuminate your DJ shows in a professional manner. In fact, from Paul Oakenfold to Deadmaus5 – so many global DJs utilize trusses to make a great and lasting impression. These units – themselves –can also be lighted to correlate with any theme or design. This is due to their steel and aluminum designs, which reflect and illuminate light from stages to dance floors. With this in mind, we feature a wide array of aluminum and steel trusses for all shows and events. At Digital DJ Gear, our Global truss products continue to receive stellar industry ratings and great reviews from DJs and stage crews as well.

The Global Truss Guarantee

Digital DJ GearAt Global Truss, we do our best to supply DJs with the best products to meet their needs. This includes aluminum trusses, along with steel trusses and loads of other equipment and accessories. Whether for new or existing DJs, we guarantee cost-affordable products that are designed for durability and longevity. In fact, the trusses we showcase are easy to set up and put away when not in use. Not only are the mobile but also designed to expedite setup time at your domestic and international shows.

We also feature the best in DJ set lighting accessories, along with projection screens and illuminators. These products are fire retardant and capable of displaying nearly anything. Our trusses and equipment will truly bring new life to your show while propelling your set and venue into the limelight.

Global Truss History

Global Truss (formerly Stage Tools) was founded in Holland over 10 years ago. We are now available in the USA and specialize in high-quality aluminum and steel stage trussing and general purpose lightings. From steel clamps to base plates, our products are perfect for live stages, churches, night clubs, and all mobile applications and installations. Our extensive product range also includes:

Square Truss , Triangular Truss, I-Beam Truss, Clamps, Box Truss, Circular Truss, Trade Show Booths, Exhibit Displays, Trussing Systems, Truss Kits, Aluminum Truss, Aluminum Truss Systems, Truss Totems, Retail Displays, Crank Stands, Junction Blocks, Aluminum, furniture, tables, chairs, Truss Corners, Light Stands, Lighting Stands, Sleeve Blocks, Winches and Crank-up Stands.

Our truss products also bear certification marks from TUV – a third party certification body and a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) –similar to OSHA.


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