Vinyl vs. CD – A Quick Comparison

Vinyl is one of those formats that might be old, but it will never be forgotten. There are those however that truly believe vinyl has outlived its usefulness, and that there are plenty of better, more modern options for us to consider. In the opinion of many, however, there is little that can replace or duplicate the old ways, though that honestly might just be nostalgia talking. That said, let’s talk a bit about the two iconic methods of DJ controllers. You might just find an argument you haven’t heard before.

Vinyl – Classis Control in a New  Era

DJ Equipment PackagesThough you certainly won’t find this one in most DJ Equipment Packages today, there is something about this old method of DJ’ing that people still absolutely love. When you think about the old days, whether it’s the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s, you might remember a lot of different formats, but no one ever recalls someone DJ’ing with an 8-Track deck or a cassette player. Okay yes, that sounds a little silly (not to mention impossible) but the point we’re trying to make here, is that vinyl is simply where it was at.

First of all, vinyl requires a considerable amount of skill. You’ll have to work long and hard to make sure that you master this tactile method of delivering music to your venue, but let’s face it, you’re going to put on a show that few other people will be able to tap.

The most notable disadvantage here is that you won’t have BPM (Beats Per Minute) detection and you also won’t have a sync button to save you if things get a little out of hand. You’ll have to rely on yourself, but if you have the experience, that’s a great thing! There is nothing more efficient than the human brain, and there’s a good chance you’ve got this one in the bag.

This is not to say that there aren’t certain disadvantages to using turntables, even if you are a supporter of the classics. First of all, they’re heavy. You need highly reliable transportation to carry them around, and quite frankly, you’ll probably pull a muscle transporting them about sometime.

If you don’t have one to take with you, then you’ll have to rely on what clubs have to offer, and because most are upgrading to more recent technology, you’ll probably find that their turntables are in horrible shape, or that they don’t have one. It’s outdated technology for a reason, and everyone is moving into a new era.

Finally, consider that most production companies are moving forward as well, and unless you have the ability to produce your own vinyl recordings, you will find that there is a significant lack of available music. That’s really not something you want to find yourself dealing with! Still, if you can handle these challenges, the vinyl record player might be the best option for an aspiring DJ who wants to bring back the classics.

CD’s – Older but Still Reliable

DJ Equipment PackagesAs with any new technology, people were more than a bit skeptical when the CD was released, but it has proven itself time and again, even though it really doesn’t provide the same tactile feedback that you would find with turntables. Scratching and Juggling is a bit different, as you’ve probably realized, but there are some clear benefits. First of all, CD players and their associated media are lightweight, meaning you can carry them everywhere, and most clubs will keep them in good supply in case any DJ wants to use them. There is always the chance that you’ll experience some skipping, but club decks are high quality, and most importantly they don’t rely upon needles. You typically won’t have to worry about a lens breaking because you were too rough with it, and if you do, then you were probably being way too rough with the deck in the first place.

As far as DJ Equipment Packages  go, CD’s are far less expensive than most of the other alternatives on the market. Naturally you won’t want to use your original discs, which is why using CD-R’s is preferred. Because these can be picked up for pennies on the dollar, it’s going to be far more cost effective, and will definitely help your operation out.

Unlike the turntable DJ Equipment for sale, CD-decks can typically read from USB drives and have BPM detection which puts it ahead of turntables significantly.

So what’s the word? Which one should you use? It’s not an easy decision by any means, but honestly, it all depends on what kind of job you’re trying to do. Do you want to go for the classic look, feel, and sound? Or do you want to try something a little easier. You have the pros and cons laid out, so go look for DJ Equipment for sale and make your decision!

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