DJ Equipment Tips – Mistakes to Avoid on a Wireless System

DJ EquipmentWhen you’re working with wireless DJ equipment you’re sure of two things, the first being that it is far more efficient than the wired option. The second, however, is that you’re dealing with an entirely different monster. When it comes to wired mics and equipment we have been using for decades, we’re certain of how it works. We know what we can do, we know what we can’t do, and most importantly, we know we’re wired into a single spot during a performance. Wireless mics bring something different to the table; they allow a performer or even a DJ to move around constantly while they are putting on a show.

It allows them to move fluidly through the audience without a care in the world, and that is a blessing that you absolutely can buy. Seriously, you haven’t experienced freedom until you’ve crowd surfed while staying connected to your mic. The only problem you might run into with this type of DJ equipment however, is signal reception. We’re going to go over a few problems that you might experience and offer up some solutions. Wireless microphones are an important part of the deal when you buy DJ equipment, but you need to know how to avoid some of the most critical mistakes.

Keep the Signal Clear for your Wireless DJ Equipment

It’s actually really hard for us to put emphasis on how important this one really is. The rule of thumb here is simple: just because the wireless signal for your transmitter can go through walls doesn’t mean it should, not by any means. There are a few things that you will want the signal to avoid including:

  • * Walls
  • * Metal Objects
  • * Crowds of People


Okay so you know what you need to avoid, and now that you have this information it can really only point to one reality: the receiver absolutely needs to be in the same room as the other equipment. In addition to that the receiver absolutely needs to be placed above the crowd on an elevated shelf or something similar.

Did you know that the human body is able to absorb RF energy? Well to be more accurate, it’s the water that absorbs the energy. Our bodies are about 70% water, and with that being the case, we tend to act as absorbers for any RF signal we come across. You’ll also find that if a user actually cups their hands around an external antenna, the output is reduced by half.

Bad Antenna Placement

wireless DJ equipment packageReceiver antennas can be pretty difficult to understand in your wireless microphone operation but it’s not rocket science; don’t worry about that. The biggest mistake you can make is simply putting them in the wrong location. If you fail to place them properly, you might have dead spots which really hit the performance and lead to dropouts. If you really want to raise your efficiency, you might try moving away from the single-antenna type of receiver and move toward diversity receivers, though they still need to be put in the right spot, without a doubt.

If you want to experience top performance with your wireless DJ equipment package, you will need to make sure you place the receiver antennas in a wide V configuration and space your antennas apart by at least one quarter of a wavelength. If possible, make sure that you are keeping your transmitters close to the antennas, maintaining line of sight where possible.

These two tips are going to help you to create an maintain an acceptable environment for your recording, broadcasting, and most importantly, live shows. There are tons of other tips we’ll be giving you throughout the coming months to help you ensure that your show is a complete success – you can never get too much advice when it comes to new technology and we’re definitely willing to share! In the meantime, check out our DJ equipment packages for sale – we have quite a few that will meet your needs and help you give your audience the show it deserves.



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