Finding the Best DJ Equipment -A Look at the DDJ-SZ

If you’re getting ready to dive into the world of DJ’ing then you’re probably here to get an idea as to how you should proceed and hey, we really can’t blame you! There are a lot of things to learn and it can be really confusing at times, we’re not going to lie. The problem that you’re going to repeatedly run into is the fact that there are many different pieces of equipment out there, some of which you need, and some that you could ignore until you’re a bit more advanced. We’re going to talk about DJ mixers today, particularly the Pioneer DDJ-SZ.

DJ equipment packagesBefore we really get into that however, what do they do exactly? The primary thing you need to know about this piece of equipment is that it is used commonly by professional DJ’s to facilitate smooth transitions between sound recordings. Remember, there are DJ equipment packages at both the cheap and the expensive end of the spectrum, and it will be up to you to make sure that you have what you need to really get started. There are a number of different sources which can include:

  • Record Turntables
  • Compact Cassettes
  • CD-J’s
  • Software (Laptop)

There are many different mixers on the market today, all of which are pretty amazing, and there is definitely an argument over whether or not to use digital software rather than physical boards in your own act. In our opinion while software is nice, there is nothing quite like the feel of a board under your fingertips. We think it’ll make you feel more like a real DJ, but that is just our opinion, of course. Today we’re going to get you some much needed information on the DDJ-SZ  so you can get your act on the road, or at least into the studio.

A look at the Pioneer DDJ-SZ

Often found in a good DJ equipment package, the DDJ-SZ embodies everything you could possibly want in a controller. While it does command a fairly high pricetag, there are multiple benefits to using this one, as you will quickly discover. It is of the highest quality and it is primed to make your performance the best ever. First of all it’s a 4-channel controller designed specifically for Serato DJ Software, meaning it’s practically ready to go right out of the box, or the crate. Atop the device you’re going to find two CDJ-Style JOG wheels that are highly responsible and provide the best playability along with displaying the status and position of each track you play.

The system is incredibly responsive to remix functions and utilizes 16 multi-color LED performance pads all designed to respond perfectly to your input. The system brings to the table two USB ports and a high quality effects section. Along with an oscillator and Magvel Crossfader, you’re sure to find everything you need to make your show a smash hit.

DJ equipmentRecapping those Features:

  • 4 Channel Mixer
  • Two USB Sound Cards
  • Integration with Serato DJ Software
  • DVS Control
  • MAGVEL Cross Fader
  • Professional Sound
  • Plug and Play Knobs
  • Dynamic Performance
  • And much more…

These are all features that you would definitely expect to find on a high end professional mixing board and they will bring your performance to the next level. The most important thing here is the level of integration with standard software and the highly comfortable controls. Overall, this is the controller that you’re looking for and it’s what will carry you through many, many years of your DJ experience. You might be new to the scene, or you might be a seasoned veteran. Either way, the DDJ-SZ is definitely what you want at your side.

Beyond the Controller

There are plenty of other devices and pieces of equipment that you are absolutely going to need, so start looking at the merchandise on our website today. One thing that we absolutely understand is the need for quality equipment whether you’re on a tight budget or looking to exhaust a small fortune. There are obviously benefits to the latter but we like to make sure that you’re comfortable and functional at either end of the spectrum.


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